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Korean sheet face masks

Lately, the Korean cloth face masks have been booming in popularity. “Sheet masks” are a piece of cloth, shaped around the human face, or separated into designated facial areas, such as the jaw, or cheeks and nose. The masks have become an irreplaceable asset in many beauty routines. They are so widely used, due to their ability to, in the short term, improve the skin. 15-20 minutes and the skin look healthier and brighter. Although, those aren’t all of the mask’s benefits.

The masks are generally rich in healthy ingredients and moisturizing properties. And the specialty of cloth face masks is their ability to “to seal” those ingredients into the skin. Just think about that, most skin care products evaporate within a few minutes after application, without being completely absorbed. The time that is usually indicated on the packaging of the cloth mask is just enough for the beneficial substances to penetrate the epidermis. The fact is that the sheet forms a barrier between your skin and air, thus not allowing moisture to evaporate and contributing to more thorough penetration of nutrients.

Another significant advantage is that it does not dry out. For example, clay masks do a great job of extracting excess fat, but when they harden, small cracks form that allow moisture to slip through them literally. Tissue option does not have such a problem, keeping moisture in contact with the skin during the entire time of use. All of that words pointing at that the masks are the real treasure of the Korean cosmetic industry are entirely justified.

The main advantage can be expressed by one critical word for skin - moisture:

  • Excellent moisturizing;

  • The saturation of the upper layer of beneficial ingredients (depending on the composition);

  • Tone alignment;

  • Softening of the epidermis;

  • Pulling up the oval contour

  • Combating dullness and fatigue;

  • Quick revitalizing effect - refreshes and gives a fresh look.

With that information, it’s a safe bet that Korean cloth face masks are the future and the best option to go with for most situations.

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