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Hydrogel masks and patches

In the past couple of years, Korean cloth and night masks have become the absolute “must haves” of any girl who cares for her skin. The first to appear on the market is traditional Korean fabric masks. This mask is applied to a clean, dry face and kept on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes, but may vary with different manufacturers.

What is the advantage of such a procedure?

Firstly, the fabric base fits more tightly and evenly to the face than it does during the application of essence with a cotton disc or fingers. This, in turn, improves the absorption of beneficial ingredients by the skin.

Secondly, the mask does not dry out for a long time, which allows our skin to absorb more therapeutic serum. For comparison, the essence applied by fingers or a disk evaporates from the skin in 15-40 seconds; therefore it isn’t absorbed on deeper layers to 100% volume.

Thirdly, this is a procedure – rescues skin, if you have had a hard day and have no strength at all for the evening multistage Korean care, or don’t have the time to wait. Since tissue or hydrogel masks are not forbidden to be used daily, you can easily apply them overnight and have a fresher face the next morning.

Hydrogel masks also have a pattern that contours the shape of the face, and sometimes, for more convenience of application and adhesion to the skin, they are cut in half across. However, these examples no longer have a bamboo or cellulose base, but a hydrogel one. The hydrogel is a polymer compound that can hold a tremendous amount of moisture. The gel is widely used in the

medical field for dressing wounds to speed up the process of their healing, and these dressings, due to the hydrogel, cool the affected area. Hydrogel masks almost 100% repeat skin texture, do not form bubbles or folds and are hypoallergenic. Also, hydrogel masks contain an increased amount of collagen, which is why they fight wrinkles well and tighten facial contours, reduce swelling and irritation.

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